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Your Mortgage, Your Terms

Reasons to Consider
a Refinance:

  • Fixed rate interest
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Obtain extra cash
  • Consolidate your debt
  • Shorten your mortgage

There are many different reasons why, at some point, homeowners consider refinancing. The two most common are to lower the monthly payments or shorten the term of your home loan. In most cases, if your long-term financial situation improves as a result of either of these factors, it makes good sense.

Refinancing can benefit you in other circumstances as well. Need extra cash for a home improvement project or looking to consolidate your debt? If so, there are cash-out refinancing options for you. Something else to consider is refinancing your adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed interest rate.

Together, you and your Republic State Mortgage team member can evaluate your options and financial situation to determine the best opportunity for you. Find Our Team

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